Naked & Bunless Burgers

Wished you a festive and plentiful Labor Day Everyone.

I made this post on Labor Day ( 2 days ago) on the Dieting Deliciously’s instagram account. I figured why not slide over here once in a while to my non social media members!

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

If you’re a #Vegan this post is not for you. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Naked, Guilt-Free Burgers & Asparagus

Here’s an idea if you’re craving a hamburger. Just get rid of the top and bottom and enjoy all the natural juicy flavors.

As I mentioned previously, there’s nothing more I enjoy than eating. Therefore I do whatever means necessary to still satisfy those cravings by preparing my food at home! This helps me keep track of how much I’m consuming. If you swipe you’ll notice I weighed every burger patty on the scale. 😉 Alright, let’s get on with it.


2 pck 90% + lean #Grassfed ground beef.

1 Chopped green #pepper.

1/2 Chopped #onions .

6 baby Chopped #mushrooms

A pinch of Parsley .

Desired amount of Garlic powder.

Cayenne pepper (optional).

3 tbsp Minced Garlic + liquid .

1/4c Balsamic vinegar.

Italian seasoning ( no salt) 

Dieting Deliciously ( chopped veggies)
Ready to mix it all

Dieting Deliciously ( mixing chopped veggies with ground beef)


Mix all chopped veggies into ground meat.

Weigh each portion to the desired weight( I chose 4.2 oz) take chopped veggies into account.

Then flattened with hands use a wooden spoon to help with shape. 

Dieting Deliciously ( weighing time)Dieting Deliciously- Mold your party


Preheat grill, Add patties and let cook to desired temperature.  Spray fresh asparagus with cooking spray ( as little as possible) place veggies into aluminum foil on grill until softens; or right on the grill . 


Dieting Deliciously grilling patties83E6B8F1-EB17-450C-B12B-4B6397DB7B7E

Add baby tomatoes with onions to eat with your burger patty! 

Up to you to decide if you’ll use ketchup or not 🧐🤣 habanero #tabasco sauce is my weakness! 



Naked and Bunless Burgers Dieting DeliciouslyNaked and Bunless Burgers- Dieting Deliciously63B717CC-53E7-4F90-B186-D95722CEED7383C2DD9D-EE67-45D7-9A6E-D4D748E46AF2


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