2017 NPC Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding Championships – Top 2 – Marie Blanchard

This year I started off my season with the Chicago Jr. Nationals Championships. Although I attended my very first competition in the fall of 2013 I was eligible to compete in the NPC Nationals until 2016 when I received my citizenships. There is so much I had to learn transitioning from regional to nationals. Regionals are of course challenging and I always made sure to give it my all when entering each competition. Meanwhile a national show is taking all the winners or the best from every regional show, all over the country and and put them on one stage! This was my second national show and ultimately learned a lot. When things don’t go as planned, try to enjoy and learn from your experience then make a comeback as a better you. I am a woman of very few words, so enjoy the images!



marieBlanchard5marieBlanchard BikinimarieBlanchardnpcmarieBlanchardnpc8marieBlanchardNPCbikiniTop2marieBlanchardNPCbikiniChampiontop2Marie BlanchardMarieBlanchardMarie Blanchard2marieBlanchard1marieBlanchardNPCbikini3marieBlanchard4marieBlanchardNPCbikiniIMG_0070MarieBlanchardmarieBlanchard3marieBlanchard6

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