My Daily Supplements – Gaspari Products – Marie Blanchard

Hi Guys,

I’ve been asked what I use during my competition prep as well as for maintenance throughout the year! There you go, below is the list of everything I use from fat burners to speeding up recovery.  Gaspari Nutrition has been coming out with new products and I will keep you updated with how I like them.

P.S. Their website is and use my code to save some cash, completely your choice. ($20 OFF )



Anavite (Multivitamin)

Anavite Marie Blanchard



IsoFusion (Protein when competing)

Isofusion Marie Blanchard


Super Pump (Pre Workout)

superpump  Marie Blanchard

AminoLast (BCAA)


Aminolast  Marie Blanchard

Myofusion Advanced (Protein)

Myofusion Advanced Marie Blanchard

Detonate XT ( Fat burner)

Detonate XT Marie Blanchard


Glycofuse ( Fast recovery)

Glycofuse Marie Blanchard


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