That time my hair almost didn’t make it


It was a beautiful day to shoot outside, and I couldn’t wait to try on the bikinis  I was supposed to shoot in. As I was getting my makeup done, I noticed the bikinis were getting smaller and smaller. I figured, well this can go both ways. Regardless my boobs
will always end up popping out at least 50% of the time.

When the time came, I felt like I was wearing a stretchy rubber band ( as seen in photos) and just needed to position myself just right so nothing would fall out. By the way everything was popping out as I predicted especially after I was given the paddle board to use as a prop while on land….it gets better.
I was told it was time to get into the water and onto the paddle board which I though was a very funny joke until I realized that I was the only one laughing. Technically, I can swim, and I not very much afraid of water unless it’s a new location where I can barely see the bottom of the lake/ocean/bay etc. In that case, there might be a problem of not knowing what the hell is in and under there.

The other worried I had was  that I needed to stand and balance myself on this board. Luckily I ended up kicking ass and not falling into the water at all. Although I almost didn’t succeed a couple of times but I did it. My advantage was that I was a little more coordinated than I thought. Overall the shoot was a complete success, we got some great shots for Eve Magazine and my beautiful made it out bone dry.

Images below: Credit : Photographer: Brian Landis . Magazine: Eve Magazine

Marie Blanchard & Brian Landis

Marie Blanchard eve magazine 1

Marie Blanchard eve magazine 2

Marie Blanchard eve magazine 3


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