Two Shows, Two Weeks! My NPC Bikini Contest, Part II!




Week 2 arrived and went at the Bev Francis Competition in Teaneck New Jersey.  Rewind six days, the day after my competition. I ate most of the goodies I brought with me including airport food from my flight back home. It seems as if I was eating my last meal knowing I was going to the electric chair. Then I thought, “how the hell are you going to compete if you keep this up”? My mind was having its own battle, from the ridiculous high it was getting from ice cream, pizza, oreos, doughnuts…The other part of my brain was like….wtf dude you gotta be on stage again next week and this food will always be here!!!!!

I had no choice but to listen to the more wise portion of my brain and chill the hell out!!!! Of course I put on 7 lbs between water/sodium and the food that my body did NOT WANT TO EJECT, but managed to get rid of. Just a descent amount of work, cardio, diet and just peak week routine I came on stage placing first.

That show in particular was huge and I couldn’t believe how well I did despite the presence of these amazing beauties. I have learned so much between those two weeks. First lesson is, practicing self control is much more difficult than any physical activity. Therefore practice strengthening your mind and anything will be possible.

I learned something new about myself with every prep, it’s incredible how each prep has required a completely different routine. Enjoy the video.


Until next time!



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