Two Shows, Two Weeks! My NPC Bikini Contest, Part I


marie blanchard

First I would like to say this was not an easy prep for me. I took all of last year off from stage although I was in shape most of the year. I actually began to lift a lot heavier than usual starting fall of 2015. I was on a mission to build my glutes, upper body and just overall be proportioned. Due to my heavy lifting, I was also consuming carbs and eating whatever I wanted during the winter of 2015-2016. Then I had a huge wake up call at the Arnold Expo! I saw my pictures and thought, okay ” I don’t need to be in competition form but dammit I have to control this body. Sure my butt was much bigger, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m sure you if haven’t seen my ridiculous a$$ selfies on my social media, you will after this if you’re curious…instagram..ahem..@haitianbeauty25.. cough…ahem. My thighs looked good enough to serve a family of five and I was proud of those gains. What I was not proud of was that fluffy feeling…Moving forward, I began prep at the end of March beginning of April without a  single cheat meal!!! Except when my carb cycling was getting the best of me 3 weeks out and I just had a blast with donuts for one day.

My routine went something like this:

8 am – food – gym – food – work – food  – gym – food – laundry – food – tea – sleep.

Then it evolved for 3 weeks

7 am – gym – food -work – food  – food – gym – food – laundry -food –  gym – food – tea – sleep.

close to contest

5:45 am – gym – food – food – work – Yoga – sauna – food – food – gym- food -laundry – food  – tea – sleep.

Does not include, grocery shopping, meal prepping, travelling, prepping for travels, and god what if I had kids. I salute parents who do this!

As you can see, I spend most of the day eating and sweating, so as a black girl it’s cornrows and headwraps all day!

Fast forward to competition day at the Grand Rapids….

All of the stress was actually leaving my body the Wednesday of that week when I got on the plane and got to my rented house. I overly packed with tons of goodies and beauty products, not to mention additional shopping at Walmart….But with every pain, stress and tears I shed from missing out on events, friends, close ones was worth every single moment of being on stage…

I’m done being mushy… Enjoy the video!

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