Living a Healthier Lifestyle as you Lose Weight

Marie Blanchard
For the past 2 years I have done an endless amount of research, asking questions and doing some experiments of my own as I prepared for my first fitness competition. At times I just asked my  friend and part time coach Evan for advice.  The one thing I have realized is that there truly is a key to maintain fit and live a healthy lifestyle. No matter how many programs you join with their different views and logic on the best way to lose weight, nothing beats living by these rules if you want to achieve weight loss. These rules consist of  getting proper amount of sleep, portioned meal intake, caloric intake, staying active and most importantly being  consistent. The more complicated stuff (breakdown) is what your personal trainer is responsible for.
Rule  1
Don’t over do it! Most people who start his or her dieting journey tend to overly exercise not keeping track of how much energy they are using or burning (calories). Be sure to keep track of your time in the gym and usually your dont need to spend more than an hour.
Rule 2
Sleep, sleep, sleep! If you’re trying to shape up, getting enough sleep is just as important as putting in work at the gym. Studies shows that fourty percent of Americans gets less than 7 hours of sleep. Those forty perty percent tends to be heavier, constant weight gain and have a harder time to lose weight.
Rule 3
Portion control!  Consuming a balanced meal which consist of all macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and  healthy fats allows your body to utilize the nutriens and ejects the rest. Eat a balanced, well- portioned meal and watch your body change. Don’t forget to also monitor your calorie intake. Measure your meals if you have to. For those who are too busy for such, higher a suitable nutritionist to guide you.
Rule 4
Don’t skip a meal! Skipping meals play a huge factor in unwanted cravings. Not only are you not consuming the proper amount of calories on a daily basis (slows down your metabolism) but your body shuts downs its calorie-burning abilities and stores fat instead of burning it for energy. So remember, consume all your (portioned) meals daily and you will literally boots your system and speeds up your calorie-burning abilities.
Rule 5
GOOD vs. BAD Carbs ( Complex and Simple carbs)(Low Glycemic and High Glycemic). Most people make the huge mistake of thinking that eliminating carbs from his/her daily diet is the key to lose weight. Hate to break it to you guys, this is an absolute MYTH. Actually, if there is a consumption imbalance, all macros can make us fat if over consumed. Carbohydrates  play an important role in storing and providing well-needed energy. Complex carbs such as nuts, veggies, oats, whole wheat etc. are considered as good carbs because not only do they take less volume in your belly but they also take more time to break down ( giving you the feeling full effect). They are known to have a lower glycemic load, which mean a smaller amount of sugar is released in your system at a consistent rate.
Bad carbs on the other hand…Chemically reacts like a drug .Once you start you just can’t stop and send signals to your brain saying that you want more. ( Sweets, white bread, cakes, ice cream, syrup) you name it! So try to minimize your simple carbs intake.
Rule 5
Stay active! Join a gym, play a sport or at least go for a nice walk on the daily. Staying active is the best thing you can do for your body; mentally and obviously physically. Keep your heart nice and strong and if your doctor allows set a goal for yourself. Whether its weight loss, muscle strength, endurance or whatever it may be try to do what you can to achieve your goal.
Rule 6
The weekends will get you! Do not fall off the wagon when the weekend comes. Most people use the weekend to relax and go about their social ventures (drinking, partying, etc) which leads to indulging. Stay consistent and keep on the right track. Use tricks such as eating a nice dinner before going out or avoid the pizza shop after a night out and most importantly try to reduce your alcholic indulging activities.
Rule 7
DRINK A LOT OF WATER! I cannot stress enough the important role water plays in your system. Water not only carry nutrients to your cells, but also carries wastes from cells. In other words if you drink lots of water you will help speed up the cleansing process of your system ( rid of toxins, sodium, waste) etc which also reflects on your skin. Don’t believe me? Just do a bit of research on the benefits of drinking water. I carry a gallon of water with me almost at all times.
I can go on forever with this list but as a fellow clean eater. These are some steps that you may want to take in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  If you have anymore questions, please email me at
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